Δeltakappadesign is an Athens based collaboration by the twin sisters Dimitra Tzivelos and Katerina Tzivelos - who have come together to share their passion for art and design. Artist Dimitra creates the designs and emblems, while the Interior Designer Katerina gives them ‘life’, transforming the works into distinctive objects of art.

Artist Dimitra Tzivelos, employing a lyrical black-and-white technique, currently presents a series of original paintings and ‘giclee prints’, inspired by the Animal Kingdom, the Sea World, as well as by the beauty of Classical Greece, Greek folk tradition and architecture.
The collection also presents a series of decorative stones and artwork applications on plexiglass.

Δeltakappadesign is a concept design brand of high aesthetics, premium quality, and available in limited numbers.
Soon launching a new collection of original artwork and design, comprising ceramics, exclusive home/fashion accessories and stationary.

All Δk’s work, is designed, handcrafted, and produced in Greece.

A few words from the artist...

All the designs and the entire process are done by hand.
Once the work has been sketched out, I begin to build the image by breaking it up into smaller sections using extra fine point markers (no. 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 -0.5). Each section is then filled out by combining several influences by different artistic styles/forms (i.e. Islamic, Gothic, Ancient Greek, Indian etc.), gradually giving birth to the final artwork.
Once the artwork is complete, it is cut out by hand with a lancet. The cut out piece, is then placed
upon a new piece of paper, in order to provide a slight height difference and create a small dimensional illusion. 

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Eagle art by Deltakappadesign


Horse art by Deltakappadesign


Bird art by Deltakappadesign


Lizard art by Deltakappadesign


Beetle art by Deltakappadesign