Domi toy by My Greek Games

Educational game
Producer: My Greek Games

Domi [doh-mee] - STRUME is the Greek word for the internal structure, which links the identical or dissimilar elements of a whole or system, the construction.

Can you recognize the Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes, which must be placed next to their identical character, in order to continue the structure of the game? However, you should be careful! If the matching character is not in the cards you have in your hand, you should stop until you get a matching card! Try to be the first to place the most appropriate card and prevent your opponents from putting their cards in the structure before you to become the Greek legend you always dreamed of becoming!

'DOMI Game' is an entertaining game of identifying and combining image numbers for children and adults. The 28 durable cards have vivid colors and minimalist design of seven (7) of the most important Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece, making the game with friends and family even more interesting.

The children are asked to recognize the gods and heroes and then to place a domino card, which has the same character as the one at the end of the already placed cards. The background colors of each character can be useful for younger children, who are helped by identifying these colors. On the back side of the cards are the traditional dicks (0-6), for children who have just begun to learn the numbers.

Very easy to set up, very easy to play!

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