Nous toy by My Greek Games

Educational game
Producer: My Greek Games

Nous [nús] - Mind is the Greek word for the mind, the highest power of knowledge, from which the intellect originates, as opposed to the feeling and the will.

Can you use your mind to remember all cards that have already been opened to combine the card you just opened with your twin and build an entire stack of winning cards in front of you? However, you should be careful! If the memory of your opponents is stronger than yours, then they may collect all the cards and leave no cards for you. You should observe every card that all players open and at the right time to grab the opportunity to start collecting your pairs. The more couples you collect, the more likely it is to become the Greek legend you always dreamed of becoming!

'NOS' is a game that strengthens memory and knowledge. The 52 durable cards have vibrant colors and minimalist design, making them easy to memorize and making the game even more interesting with friends and family. It includes all the important Gods and Heroes of ancient Greek mythology. From Jupiter and Athena, to Hercules and Perseus, this classic game is a great introduction to Greek mythology for children and adults.

Through the simple process of play and learning, children learn to wait for their turn to play. All he needs is clear mind, good memory and good knowledge of Gods and Heroes. Anyone who has this, can make the Ancient Greek legend of the game!

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